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Wedding at Royston House

A stylish menu to go with a gorgeous venue

Shared Entrée
Set up as Grazing Table

Grazing One:
Selection of deluxe cured meats  house slaw  pickles  olives  artichokes  semi dried tomatoes  beetroot relish  deluxe local cheeses  quince paste  smoked garlic & tomato chutney  olives  walnuts  fresh fruits  lavosh  assorted crackers  grissini  crusty baguettes

Meat Dishes
Chicken breast, Moroccan crust, pumpkin, sweet potato, torn Turkish bread, mint yoghurt
Pork belly, five spice crust, sticky soy deglaze, rice noddles coriander, crispy garlic (gf)
Seared sirloin, pulled beef wellington, grilled asparagus spears, tarragon buttercream


Roasted Potatoes, sea salt, parsley, lightly glazed butter
Caramelised Baby Carrots, honey glaze, poppy seed
Broccoli, beans, asparagus, spinach, toasted almonds, garlic butter